2017 Phishing Trends & Intelligence Report

The PhishLabs 2017 Phishing Trends & Intelligence Report Reveals a Profound Shift in Who is Targeted and Why


“The business model of phishing has evolved. The bad guys have found ways to multiply their profits at the expense of organizations they aren’t even attacking directly. The potential impact of this can’t be overstated. It needs everyone’s awareness and attention. "
- Joseph Opacki,  PhishLabs VP of Threat Research


The phishing threat landscape today is astoundingly different than it was at the start of 2016. There were two transformative events that led to fundamental upheavals in the landscape and shape what to expect going forward. This report provides a first-hand, in-depth view of those events as well as other trends that come directly from the continuous work PhishLabs does to fight back against phishing attacks and the threat actors behind them. The trends highlighted will help organizations better assess and mitigate the risk of modern phishing attacks. 

Change is not coming. It’s already here. Is your organization prepared?

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