2018 Phishing Trends & Intelligence Report

This year's report reveals a profound shift in not who, but what is now being targeted the most: the enterprise. This shift indicates a change in threat actor motivations. The report discusses the evolution of tactics used by threat actors to steal data, access corporate systems, and commit fraud. 
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Overall, the changes observed in the phishing threat landscape continue to demonstrate that users are the most prominent and exploitable vulnerability.

Key Findings in the 2018 PTI Report Include:

  • Industry shift shows signs of threat actors switching from primarily targeting individuals to targeting organizations.
  • Email and online services (26% of all attacks) overtook financial institutions (21%) as the top phishing target.
  • Nearly one-third of all phishing sites observed by the end of 2017 were located on HTTPS domains, up from only five percent at the end of 2016.
  • Attacks targeting SaaS exploded with more than 237 percent growth.