Phishing Trends & Intelligence Report: The Growing Social Engineering Threat

Using data collected from millions of social engineering attacks spanning email, web, social media, SMS, and mobile channels, the annual Phishing Trends and Intelligence report highlights the latest trends and techniques that threat actors use to exploit the employees, customers, and brands of today’s enterprises.

The findings presented in the report are designed to help security leaders and practitioners gain a better understanding of the current phishing threat landscape. Using this information, they can take proactive steps to reduce the risk of breaches, online fraud, and brand abuse.

Key findings of the PhishLabs 2019 Phishing Trends and Intelligence Report include:

  • Phishing attack volume grew 40.9% in 2018
  • 83.9% of attacks targeted credentials for financial, email, cloud, payment, and SaaS services
  • The use of free website infrastructure to stage and launch attacks grew substantially
  • 98% of attacks that made it past enterprise email security controls and into user inboxes contained no malware
  • The most effective lures in simulated phishing exercises were Financial/HR and Ecommerce

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