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The 2018 Phishing Trends & Intelligence Report Now Available

Posted by Elliot Volkman on Apr 24, '18
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Today we are excited to announce the release of PhishLab’s annual Phishing Trends and Intelligence (PTI) Report. This year’s report provides first-hand, in-depth data and analysis of the events and trends currently shaping the cybersecurity threat landscape.

As with past PTI reports, the goal of the information within is to provide the context and perspective needed to understand why changes are happening and how to better defend against rising threats.

Among the key findings, PhishLabs has identified a new primary target for cyber security threats, the enterprise. In the past, consumers were typically the primary target of phishing and cyber attacks; however, the most significant trend observed in 2017 shows a shift moving away from consumers and on to enterprise-focused phish.

“The reasoning is simple, and it ultimately comes down to opportunity. Targeting businesses offers cyber criminals more opportunities to cash out on stolen information through selling credentials, gaining access to sensitive or proprietary information for espionage, or individual exploitation,” said Crane Hassold, PhishLabs Director of Threat Intelligence.

In addition to the shift from consumers to organizations, the 2018 Phishing Trends & Intelligence Report examines the rise in mobile attacks, tactics, and exploitation of apps. We explain why it is happening and how threat actors are taking advantage of the growing medium.

The data sources from this year’s report has grown significantly over the years, which allows us to provide a stronger argument for the changes impacting the phishing threat landscape. To put things into perspective, the data from this year’s report is based on:

  • An analysis of more than 1.3 million confirmed malicious phishing sites in 2017 that resided on nearly 300,000 unique domains
  • Investigations and mitigations of more than 12,000 phishing attacks every month, identifying the underlying infrastructure used in these attacks and shutting them down
  • Leading financial institutions, social media sites, healthcare companies, retailers, insurance companies, and technology companies that use our services to fight back against phishing threats

Download the 2018 Phishing Trends and Intelligence Report now.

In addition to the newly released report we plan to discuss the primary findings across two separate webinars. The first will focus on the shift from consumers to the enterprise, and the second will dig into the changes affecting the financial industry. Our Director of Threat Intelligence, Crane Hassold, discusses why the enterprise has become the primary target. Register for this OnDemand webinar here.

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