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Announcing the Launch of the First Spear Phishing Protection Service

Posted by John LaCour on Jun 8, '15

PhishLabs_Spear_Phishing_Protection.SmallI am pleased to announce that this week at Gartner's Security and Risk Management Summit, we are unveiling our new around-the-clock Spear Phishing Protection service that combines advanced technology and human expertise to disrupt targeted attacks before compromise. 

In recent years, nearly every headline about a data breach has involved spear phishing. An estimated ten to twenty percent of employees open malicious attachments sent via spear phishing emails1. For this reason, ninety-one percent of targeted attacks utilize spear phishing to compromise systems and steal data2.

The new service disrupts targeted threats early in the attack process, preventing the compromise of critical systems, sensitive data, and other information assets. Aided by proprietary threat analysis technology, our experts confirm and rapidly dissect spear phishing attacks, analyze malware, extract threat indicators, and establish meaningful threat context that drives fast and effective attack mitigation.

"We quickly analyze targeted threats and take action to counter them 24/7, which helps stop spear phishing attacks before they turn into major security incidents and data breaches."

We take action to aggressively disrupt the external components of spear phishing attacks, such as malicious sites and command and control systems. This disables adversary operations while yielding high-value threat intelligence for our clients. The new service works alongside and enhances security awareness training, secure email gateways, incident response, and other defensive layers that are commonly in place to protect against phishing attacks.

On Tuesday, June 9, at the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit 2015, we will be presenting on “What Really Works for Spear Phishing Defense? Learn Effective Strategies.” The presentation will detail a strategic defensive framework for spear phishing and introduce the new Spear Phishing Protection service. If you will be attending the show come by and see us in booth number 1212.

1 – Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report 2015

2 - TrendMicro


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