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ATO|Prevent: A new approach to curbing account takeover fraud

Posted by John LaCour on Jul 10, '14

Win_many_fights-844908-editedI'm very excited to announce that we've launched a new, comprehensive service for community banks and credit unions that goes beyond internal anti-fraud controls to stop account takeover. It's called ATO|Prevent, and we developed it because it's plainly evident that these defensive controls no longer pose a major barrier to cybercriminals seeking to takeover online banking accounts and carry out fraud. 

In fact, we believe that just playing defense against these attacks is a losing battle. The simple truth is that you aren't going to win many fights if you don't fight back. That's why we created ATO|Prevent -- to proactively fight on the behalf of banks and credit unions against the attacks that lead to account takeover fraud. 

You can learn more about ATO|Prevent at

And for more on fighting back against ATO, check out the "Combating Account Takeover" white paper.

Read the White Paper

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