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BankBot Anubis Still a Threat, Gets Upgrade

Posted by Joseph Fleming on Aug 8, '18

Over the past few years mobile banking trojans have been a persistent threat.

While Windows desktops and laptops once made up the lion’s share of Internet traffic, mobile devices (particularly Android) have long since become the most common means of browsing the web.

With banking trojans now incorporating such a wide range of malicious functionality, it’s hardly surprising they have become a favorite among malicious actors.

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WannaCry, NotPetya and the Rest: How Ransomware Evolved in 2017

Posted by Joseph Fleming on May 8, '18

Ransomware. The word strikes fear into the hearts of hospital administrators, local government officers, and small business owners everywhere.

After exploding in 2016, ransomware has been covered extensively by media outlets and security experts, to the point where most organizations have started to take at least some action to mitigate their exposure.

But have these efforts had any impact? And have threat actors continued to rely on their most reliable profit-center?

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