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Joseph Opacki is the VP of threat research, analysis and intelligence at PhishLabs. Prior to joining PhishLabs, Mr. Opacki was the Senior Director of Global Research at iSIGHT Partners. Before his career in the private sector, Mr. Opacki was the malware reverse engineering Subject Matter Expert (SME) and the Technical Director of advanced digital forensics in the Operational Technology Division at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Mr. Opacki has a bachelor’s degree from George Mason University and a Master of Science in Information Technology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

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The 2017 Phishing Trends & Intelligence Report is now available!

Posted by Joseph Opacki on Feb 7, '17

On behalf of the PhishLabs R.A.I.D., I'm proud to announce that the 2017 Phishing Trends & Intelligence Report has been released. As with last year's edition, the report provides first-hand, in-depth view of the events and trends that are shaping the phishing threat landscape. It provides insight into the major trends, tools, and techniques used by threat actors to carry out phishing attacks. It also provides the context and perspective needed to understand why these changes are happening. 

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Phishing, Whaling, & the Surprising Importance of Privileged Users

Posted by Joseph Opacki on Jun 23, '16

By bagging a privileged user early on, attackers can move from entry point to mission accomplished in no time at all.

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How to make the most of reported phishing emails... Even if there are way too many

Posted by Joseph Opacki on May 19, '16

You’ve done it.

After months of nagging, security awareness training, and constant reminders, your employees have started reporting phishing emails. Take a moment to pat yourselves on the back, because this is no mean feat.

But… now what? What do you actually do with all these reported emails?

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2016 Phishing Trends & Intelligence Report: Hacking the Human

Posted by Joseph Opacki on Feb 25, '16

Today we published the 2016 Phishing Trends & Intelligence Report: Hacking the Human.  We are proud that this report uniquely provides a first-hand, in-depth view of phishing directly from the continuous work PhishLabsTM does to fight back against phishing attacks and the threat actors behind them.

 It was researched and written by our very own PhishLabs R.A.I.D.TM (Research, Analysis, and Intelligence Division), which is made up of some of the world’s most respected threat researchers. The information and analysis in this report came directly from our operations and the technology systems we use to fight back against phishing attacks. We analyzed more than one million confirmed malicious phishing sites in 2015, residing on more than 130,000 unique domains.

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