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How Have You Gained Buy-in for Your Security Awareness Program?

Posted by Maria O'Dwyer on Oct 26, '16

Gaining the buy-in from executive leadership and employees within your organization to conduct phishing as a form of security awareness training can often be a daunting task. Proper training programs are extremely effective in conditioning employees to identify threats, yet security teams we speak with are often met with a lot of resistance. Employees feel that the simulations are deceitful and used to point fingers.  

If you are faced with these objections, read our post on Hitting Back at the Security Awareness Training Naysayers for why high quality security awareness training is far from a waste of time and money, and how it truly enhances the knowledge and behavior of your users

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Topics: security awareness training, Cyber Security Awareness Month

Six Steps to Train Your Users to Fight Cybercrime

Posted by Maria O'Dwyer on Apr 7, '16

Stopped in traffic on my commute home it hit me…(not the person texting and driving) but the idea that I’d just been miyagi’d!

Every day I have the pleasure of speaking with Information Security leaders across multiple verticals. I learn about the challenges they face and the Security Awareness Programs that they have implemented to foster a security vigilant environment.

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Topics: Employee Defense Training, security awareness training, EDT


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