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Stephanie Fauvelle is responsible for developing and managing PhishLabs’ T2 Employee Defense Training program. Prior to this role, Ms. Fauvelle served as a Client Success Manager at PhishLabs for several years where she helped grow and formalize team processes. Before joining PhishLabs, Ms. Fauvelle taught high school mathematics in Washington, DC’s public school system. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from the College of Charleston as well as additional coursework from Georgetown University in Arabic. She is also fluent in French.

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What Makes a Good Simulated Phish?

Posted by Stephanie Fauvelle on Mar 31, '16


If your security awareness training provider offers personal banking phishing templates, then it’s a good idea to re-think your provider. Why? Because phishers aren’t sending fraudulent banking alerts to corporate accounts. Besides, who links their bank account to their work email anyway? Phishers continue to up their game, moving away from sloppy phishing emails ripe with spelling mistakes and other recognizable signs to sending craftier, what we’ll call, “lite” spear phish.

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Topics: T2, Phishing Simulation, Employee Defense Training, EDT

Is Security Awareness Training a waste of your money?

Posted by Stephanie Fauvelle on Feb 9, '16

With all of the companies out there offering their latest and greatest security awareness training products, it’s worth asking, is this a waste of my company’s money? Jerry Bell and Andrew Kalat, from the Defensive Security Podcast, argue that expecting your employees to be your first line of defense is “completely BS.” They believe that implementing a security awareness training program that includes simulated phishing tests gives a false sense of hope and ultimately, isn’t worth the money. What does the evidence say? 

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Topics: Phishing, Spear Phishing Protection, T2, Employee Defense Training, security awareness training

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The PhishLabs Blog is where we share our insights and thoughts on cybercrime and online fraud.

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