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Coming Soon - Healthcare Security Awareness Training, the 2017 Buyer’s Guide

Posted by Lindsey Havens on Jun 2, '17

bigstock-Man-Checking-The-Health-Of-His-61929695.jpgHistorically, security awareness training (SAT) in the healthcare industry… isn’t great. In fact, if you start talking about SAT to a healthcare CISO, you can see the frustration on their face almost immediately.

Back in February we attended HIMSS, one of the biggest healthcare IT shows in the US. We wanted to find out exactly what healthcare providers needed from a SAT program, and show them that (done properly) SAT can have a tremendous positive effect on the operational security of healthcare organizations.

Through dozens of frank conversations with healthcare providers, we found out exactly what was going wrong with their existing programs, and where traditional SAT programs fell down in a healthcare setting.

Now, armed with that knowledge and our own experience, we’ve produced a healthcare specific version of our highly successful SAT Buyer’s Guide. We’re confident the guide will help healthcare organizations all over the world identify and implement SAT programs that genuinely enhance their security profile.

The white paper will be available very soon, so go ahead and sign up to pre-order your copy. 

Order Your Copy  Healthcare Security Awareness Training  Buyer's Guide 

Here’s a sneak peak at what’s inside:

Healthcare Security Awareness Training: The 2017 Buyer’s Guide

The why, how, and necessary elements to consider when it comes to investing in a successful training program that actually works

If you analyze the scores of healthcare breaches that have hit the headlines over the past few years, you’ll notice something alarming: almost all of them started with a phishing attack.

But the truth is, no matter what they claim, the latest fancy security products cannot entirely mitigate the threat of phishing and other social engineering attacks.

That’s why powerful security awareness training is so essential: it’s the only way to effectively fight back against the healthcare industry’s #1 threat.

After reading this guide, you’ll know:

  • Why security awareness training really is worth it
  • Why satisfying HIPAA just doesn’t cut it
  • How to write a powerful business case for SAT
  • What great SAT programs really look like
  • How to select the right SAT program for your healthcare organization
  • The 10 critical components every SAT program must have
  • How to track and maintain the success of your SAT program

Go ahead and sign up now and we'll send you a copy of the guide as soon as it's available. 

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