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#CyberAware: Spotlight on Ransomware

Posted by Lindsey Havens on Oct 18, '16

We field a lot of questions about ransomware, but there’s one in particular that comes up time and time again. “Are we at risk from ransomware?” It’s not a difficult question to answer. Yes, you’re at risk… Everybody is at risk. Ransomware_Blog_NCSAM-1.jpg

You see, there are plenty of ways for threat actors to spread ransomware. They create fake online advertisements and pop-ups, exploit known vulnerabilities to gain access to corporate networks, and they even drop USB sticks loaded with ransomware in public places. They’re pulling out all the stops to infect your systems with ransomware, so yes, you need to be concerned.But there’s no point in just being concerned. You need to do something. That’s why, as part of our Cyber Security Awareness Month series,  we are helping you take action by sharing our best resources on ransomware. We want you to be in best position to prevent the next attack.

For your dedication to being #CyberAware, we will provide a free copy of our Ransomware Whitepaper where we explore the growing threat of ransomware, and what you can do to keep your organization secure. We will walk you through the actions you should be taking to prevent ransomware from gaining a foothold inside your network, and how to make your security program the best it can be. We want to see you reap the rewards of a safer environment for you, your employees, and your users. 

Who is being targeted?

We know we are all at risk, but who exactly is being targeted by threat actors? The short answer is everyone. Phishing emails are being sent to individual consumers and corporate users alike. We’ve seen a spike in in well-crafted, targeted social engineering attempts. Some campaigns are even regionally targeted to thwart detection and mitigation. Ransomware is also targeting web servers.

Industries experiencing a surge in ransomware attacks include:

What can be done?

There’s no single approach, product, or vendor that can guarantee your complete safety from ransomware… or any other form of cyber attack, for that matter. Our ransomware series goes into great detail about the measures taken to put yourself in the strongest position to thwart ransomware attacks. If you do take the time – and the investment – to make your security program the best it can be; you will reap the rewards in the long run.

Get started now by attending the on-demand webinar Spear Phishing and the Ransomware Threat to learn about current ransomware families, who they target, and how they work, how the ransomware threat will continue to evolve, and effective practices for minimizing the ransomware risk.


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