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Hurricane Matthew Cyber Scams

Posted by John LaCour on Oct 8, '16

Stopthescammers.jpgPhishLabs is investigating multiple online scams involving news about Hurricane Matthew. Some of these scams are using news of the hurricane to distribute malware via email attachments and malicious links. Other scams are posing as charities and are requesting relief donations. Individuals should be on high alert and be suspicious of any online communication that mentions Hurricane Matthew.

The PhishLabs team is working to take down these scams. If you receive a suspicious message about Hurricane Matthew, please send it to

All individuals and organizations should be wary of any emails, text messages, online ads, or social media postings that mention Hurricane Matthew. These messages may:

  • Request donations or financial support
  • Claim breaking news about weather conditions, power outages, road/bridge closures, etc.
  • Have attachments or links to videos, images, etc. of the impacted areas
  • Demand urgent action or response

In general, avoid engaging with online communications about Hurricane Matthew that do not originate from trusted sources. Cybercriminals will often use emergency situations like Hurricane Matthew to trick individuals and organizations into installing malware, disclosing sensitive information, or sending funds. If you are considering making donations to support relief efforts, go directly to the organization's website by typing in the URL instead of clicking links. 

Topics: Phishing, Malware, Hurricane Matthew

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