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Phishers expand their target list | APWG 2H2013 Global Phishing Survey

Posted by Stacy Shelley on Apr 10, '14

As usual, there's some good data in the 2H2013 Global Phishing Survey released by the APWG today. 

Phishing attacks grew quite a bit, up 60% from the first half of 2013. Still short of the peak observed in the last half of 2012, but a significant increase nonetheless.

How else did the phishing landscape change in the last half of 2013? 

  • There were a high number of new organizations targeted, indicating that phishers are seeking to exploit organizations that less experienced and less prepared to mitigate attacks.
  • The usage of URL shorteners and subdomains in attacks increased substantially. These methods had been on the decline. 

Several trends continued:

  • Webservers are still being heavily targeted in the hopes of compromising many domains that can be used for phishing (or DDoS, malware, criminal-to-criminal services, etc.) with a single hack.
  • CMS tools such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. are still a top vector for compromising hosts.
  • Phishing in China continues to rise rapidly.

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