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PhishLabs expands protection against malicious email spam

Posted by Stacy Shelley on Sep 18, '14

This week, we upgraded our Brand Abuse Lure Protection service to provide comprehensive protection against all cybercrime email lures that abuse the brands of our clients. 

The vast majority of cybercrime threats are delivered via email lures that impersonate trusted companies in order to entice recipients into visiting a malicous web page, opening a malicious attachment, or responding to an email address used for cybercrime (such as with 419 scams). For example, a brand abuse email lure may abuse a shipping company's brand to send out fake "package delivery" notifications that, when opened, infect the recipient with malware.

The impact of these attacks is significant. Brand abuse lure attacks tarnish brand reputation and make the recipients less likely to trust the abused company's emails in the future, limiting the effectiveness of online communications and marketing efforts. These attacks can also trigger large spikes in call center traffic and customer complaints as thousands of people respond to the spam landing in their inbox.

To help organizations more effectively protect against these attacks, we have expanded the coverage of our Brand Abuse Lure Protection service. The service now detects, analyzes, and aggressively fights back against all malicious email lure campaigns and the cybercrime ecosystem that supports them. This includes:

  • Spam that abuses your brand to distribute malware.
  • 419 scams that abuse your brand to ensnare victims.
  • Phishing emails that abuse your brand, but that do not target your customers' credentials. For example, a phishing email that impersonates your brand to trick recipients into opening a phishing email that asks for webmail credentials. (Phishing Protection detects and stops phishing attacks targeting your customers)
  • Other malicious email lures that abuse your brand to carry out cybercrime.

To learn more, visit or download the Brand Abuse Lure Protection Service Brief.

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