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PhishLabs is an inaugural threat intelligence provider in Check Point's ThreatCloud IntelliStore

Posted by Stacy Shelley on May 28, '14

Last week, Check Point officially launched a new threat intelligence platform that integrates third-party intelligence feeds with Check Point technologies. Called ThreatCloud IntelliStore, it serves as a marketplace where Check Point customers can easily tap into intelligence feeds to enhance threat detection and prevention.

We're very proud and excited to be an inaugural partner in the ThreatCloud IntelliStore. Why, you ask?

Well, a big reason is that the "security poverty-line" for threat intelligence is very high. Most organizations just don't have the resources to take threat intelligence and effectively apply it to their security tools to stop attacks. In spite of an abundance of intelligence being gathered and distributed, very few organizations (mostly governments and very large enterprises) have been able to "weaponize" threat intelligence into their security operations. 

ThreatCloud IntelliStore is exciting because it bridges that gap, allowing far more organizations to enhance their security posture using third-party threat intelligence. Now, PhishLabs' high-fidelity cybercrime intelligence data can now be automatically applied by Check Point customers to proactively block phishing, malware, DDoS, and other cyber-attacks. 

Check Point ThreatCloud IntelliStore Threat Intelligence Platform

You can find out more about the feeds we're delivering via the ThreatCloud IntelliStore here:

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