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PhishLabs to speak at RSA USA 2014 on Rogue Mobile Apps

Posted by Stacy Shelley on Dec 27, '13

John LaCour, Founder and CEO of PhishLabs, will be giving a talk at RSA 2014 entitled "Rogue Mobile Apps: Nuisance or Legit Threat?

The session, which is being held at noon on Thursday, February 27, will review examples of rogue mobile apps and evaluate their risk to businesses. 


Session detail:

Mobile applications are one of the fastest growing areas of technology. Organizations of all kinds from banks to amusement parks have released mobile apps to engage with customers and do business on smart phones and tablets. With millions of mobile apps available and tens of thousands of new apps being released every month, it has been speculated that mobile apps are the next frontier of cybercrime. 

But is the next frontier here yet? Are cybercriminals profiting by developing rogue mobile apps that compromise mobile devices and steal valuable data?

Join PhishLabs Founder and CEO John LaCour as he shares data gathered from monitoring more than 30 app repositories for rogue mobile applications. In this session, Mr. LaCour will examine the risk they pose to organizations and review examples of rogue mobile apps being used for profit. 

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