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#PHISHRAGE shirts at RSA USA 2016

Posted by Stacy Shelley on Feb 11, '16

It's frustPhishrage-graphic.pngrating when users get phished. Especially when you've told them repeatedly not to open untrusted links or attachments.  But remember, violence isn't the answer.

Instead, express yourself in a safe way that keeps you gainfully employed: by sporting a fresh, new #PHISHRAGE shirt!

Made with a comfortable blend of high quality cotton and seething rage, you'll want to wear it to work every day. 

 You can get yourself one at the upcoming RSA USA Conference. We'll be there in the North Expo, Booth 3845. Give us your shirt size in advance and we'll have it waiting for you:  

I want a #PHISHRAGE shirt.

And while you're paying attention, we're hosting a cocktail reception on February 29 from 7-10pm at Novela -- just up the street from the Moscone Center. If you're planning to be in San Francisco for the RSA USA Conference, we'd love to see you there. You can RSVP here:

One more thing. We're doing a live webinar soon about the new T2 Spear Phishing Protection services. Check that out, too. It'll be great and you'll learn some new stuff. Sign up here:


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