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New Zeus Variant, Android Malware, ATMs Hacked and more | TWIC - December 26, 2014

Posted by Lindsey Havens on Dec 26, '14


Each week, the PhishLabs team posts The Week in Cybercrime (TWIC) to recap noteworthy cybercrime articles and reports (open source).

  • Solo attacker likely responsible for phishing campaign, delivering Zeus variant (SC Magazine)
    Phishing emails, a phishing kit and phony browser alerts are being used to steal credentials and deliver a variant of the Zeus trojan, and researchers with PhishLabs – the security firm that identified the threat – believe the operations are being carried out by a single individual.

  • POS malware crooks hack IP cams to validate targets (The Register)
    Carders operating the BackOff point of sales malware are hacking IP cameras to make sure their targets are worth attacking, says researcher Rotem Kerner says.

  • Gang Hacked ATMs from Inside Banks (KrebsOnSecurity)
    An organized gang of hackers from Russia and Ukraine has broken into internal networks at dozens of financial institutions and installed malicious software that allowed the gang to drain bank ATMs of cash.

  • Former NCUA Chair Outraged by Breach (BankInfoSecurity)
    Few security incidents have manifested as much industry outrage as the customer data breach at a small credit union in California that resulted after a routine regulatory exam with the National Credit Union Administration.

  • Tor Network Is Under Attack through Directory Authority Servers Seizures (TheHackerNews)
    Tor has been targeted once again, but this time at a much larger scale. A new attack on Tor network reportedly would either completely shut it down worldwide or turn it into evil network.

  • 2015 Could Be the Year of the Hospital Hack (MIT Technology Review) 
    Health-care organizations often store medical records and other information insecurely. In 2015, attacks targeting health data will become even more common, according to security researchers.

  • 'Sophisticated' Android malware hits phones (BBC News)
    Hundreds of thousands of Android phones have been infected with malware that uses handsets to send spam and buy event tickets in bulk.

  • Microsoft Xbox Live back up, Sony PlayStation Network still down (Reuters)
    Microsoft Corp's Xbox Live was back up on Friday while Sony Corp's PlayStation Network remained offline for a second day after a hacker group claimed responsibility for attacking the two Internet gaming services.

  • New Zeus variant targets users of 150 banks (HelpNetSecurity)
    A new variant of the infamous Zeus banking and information-stealing Trojan has been created to target the users of over 150 different banks and 20 payment systems in 15 countries, including the UK, the US, Russia, Spain and Japan.

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