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Building a Business Case for Effective Security Awareness Training

Posted by Jenny Dowd on Mar 18, '16

Security education programs are sometimes mandated, always important, and often difficult to justify the investment. It is easy to get the powers that be to sign off on a once-per-year security awareness training program that will satisfy compliance requirements, but we all know by now that compliance does not equal security.

The Information Security Forum (ISF) has defined information security awareness as an ongoing process of learning that is meaningful to recipients, and delivers measurable benefits to the organization from lasting behavioral change.

So to achieve this, a bigger investment, in both time and money, is needed to implement a continuous security awareness training program that is effective at changing employee behavior – one that includes ongoing simulation training. More money, more time invested, and a goal to change employee behavior means more stakeholder approval will be required.

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Topics: Awareness Training, T2, Phishing Simulation, Employee Defense Training

Employees are going to get phished. Why even bother with awareness training?

Posted by Stacy Shelley on Feb 4, '16

Recently, I had a call with a rather prominent analyst in the cyber security community. We were having a pretty good conversation about security awareness training, focusing on the T2 Employee Defense Training service we launched this week. As the conversation was wrapping up, he said, “You know, I’ve always believed that trying to train employees for phishing emails was pointless. No matter how good the training is, someone is still going to fall for an attack. So why even bother?”

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Topics: Awareness Training, T2, Employee Defense Training, security awareness training

The first spear phishing protection solution driven by real-world intelligence

Posted by John LaCour on Feb 2, '16

Today we announced a new solution that I believe will transform how organizations counter spear phishing attacks. We call it T2 Spear Phishing Protection, and it takes advantage of our deep insight into phishing attacks to prepare organizations for the real-world attacks they're most likely to be targeted with, and then mitigate those attacks before damage is done. To do this, it enlists employees in the defensive network and uses our 24/7 SOC to analyze and respond to threats.  

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Topics: Spear Phishing, Awareness Training, T2, Phishing Simulation


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