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Understanding Google Chrome’s Upcoming https Changes

Posted by Elliot Volkman on Mar 6, '18

Can a single word create broad-sweeping implications to how we use the internet? It most certainly can, and an upcoming software update to Google Chrome may drive a false sense of security while shaming other sites all due to a single word: Secure.

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Topics: Brand Abuse Lure, Phish, Google, https

Fraudster Phishing Users with Malicious Mobile Apps

Posted by Joshua Shilko on Apr 25, '16

Since the beginning of 2016, PhishLabs has observed a number of malicious mobile applications targeting users of popular payment card companies and online payment sites.  These attacks combine traditional, browser-based phishing attacks with the mobile platform in order to create convincing mobile applications. These applications claim to afford the user access to their accounts directly from their mobile device; however, their only functionality is the capability to collect credentials and personal information and deliver that stolen information to the attacker. Our research has indicated that these malicious applications have been created by the same actor or group of actors.

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Topics: Phishing, Brand Abuse Lure, Mobile

Cloud Security, Malvertising on the Rise, Pentagon Hack, and more | TWIC - August 7, 2015

Posted by Lindsey Havens on Aug 7, '15

Each week, the PhishLabs team posts The Week in Cybercrime (TWIC) to recap noteworthy cybercrime articles and reports (open source).

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Topics: Phishing, Malware, Hacker Tools, The Week in Cybercrime, Account Takeover, Brand Abuse Lure, Hacked

PhishLabs expands protection against malicious email spam

Posted by Stacy Shelley on Sep 18, '14

This week, we upgraded our Brand Abuse Lure Protection service to provide comprehensive protection against all cybercrime email lures that abuse the brands of our clients. 

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Topics: Malware, Fraud, Company News, Spam, Brand Abuse Lure


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