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How to Spot a Phish Video: Spotting Red Flags

Posted by Lindsey Havens on Oct 9, '17

In observance of National Cyber Security Awareness month, we are releasing several videos to help employees and consumers spot a phish. In this first video, we are going to look at red flags that would identify an email as unsafe. 

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Topics: Cyber Security Awareness Month, CyberAware

Ransomware: How to Spot a Phish

Phishing has no limits. Everyone that uses email to communicate will at some point be the recipient of a phishing email. In the spot a phish series we'll be taking a closer look at some phishing lures to help you mentally prepare for these attacks before they hit your inbox. 

Content Clues

The first lure is representative of a vast majority of lures that we see. For starters, it capitalizes on the universal language of money. Because this is a mass distributed phish, the threat actor needs to find a commonality among the recipients.  For this reason, we see the use of "invoice attachments" employed exhaustively.  Lures in all languages utilize this tactic.  One would think this practice would get old and at some point become ineffective but it must be producing results for cybercriminals; otherwise, why would they keep it up?

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Topics: Cyber Security Awareness Month, CyberAware


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