White Paper: BEC Attacks are the Most Costly Form of Phishing

Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks have plagued organizations all over the world for almost a decade. In fact, the phishing threat has become so pervasive and effective for threat actors that the reported losses to date have already hit more than $26 billion. This does not even include the thousands of unreported BEC attacks that net gift cards and other small denominations.

Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks are particularly nasty as a threat actor will breach a system and take over an account, which in turn is abused to further propagate other attacks, steal money, or even private information. Join us for a presentation that takes a closer look at how BEC attacks are changing. This is why we BECs are the most costly form of phishing. Traditional phishing certainly can (and does) cause a lot of damage, but on a per-attack basis, BEC is undoubtedly the most expensive.

This white paper provides a closer look into the phishing technique and how to handle the threat.

In this white paper you’ll learn about:

  • What BEC attacks are, and how they work
  • Why BEC attacks are so effective
  • What objectives threat actors can achieve using BEC
  • How to protect your organization against BEC attacks
  • How BEC attacks consistently evade email security technologies
  • Which red flags users can look out for to spot a potential BEC attack

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