Webinar: How Cybercriminals use Phone Scams to Commit Fraud

Vishing (voice/phone scams) along with SMiShing (text message scams) continue to rise as fraudsters exploit the trust inherent in personal communication devices. These attacks can cost community financial institutions upwards of $75,000 per day in financial loses alone. Join Don Jackson, PhishLabs’ Director of Threat Intelligence for an in-depth discussion on advancements in vishing and SMiShing attacks and how cybercriminals are profiting from stolen information.   

This webinar discusses:

  • The latest atttack methodologies;
  • Underground cybercrime operations;
  • Strategies and tactics to fight back and prevent future vishing/SMiShing attacks.


“More than one in four unsolicited SMS messages reported in 2014 attempted to steal the victim’s personal or financial information” reported Cloudmark in their Annual Security Threat Report.

Vishing is one of the primary attack vectors used in account takeover attacks. Cybercriminals take advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services to geo-target and automate phone calls to thousands of consumers per hour in an effort to steal login credentials and commit fraud. Community financial institutions are frequent targets of vishing and SMiShing attacks targeting their account holders.

In this webinar, PhishLabs’ Director of Threat Intelligence shares insights on the advancements in phone scams and how cybercriminals are conducting business in the underground cybercrime market and cashing out.  

Download this webinar to learn:

  •         How cybercriminals circumvent security parameters;
  •         How the underground economy works;
  •         Control measures to mitigate damage of vishing/SMiShing attacks.

This webinar is designed for:

Individuals responsible for managing cybercrime risks at community financial institutions.