How to Manage Domain Threats: A Digital Risk Protection Playbook

Spoofed domains are involved in a wide range of online threats. Reputation abuse, phishing sites, and email scams are just a few examples of how threat actors use domains in attack campaigns. According to the Anti-Phishing Working Group, 40% of BEC attacks that occurred in 2019 involved malicious domains registered by threat actors.
This playbook breaks down the domain threat landscape, how domains are abused, how to detect abuse, and what is required to mitigate domain threats. By following this playbook, security professionals can minimize the risk spoofed domains pose to their organizations.
In this white paper you’ll learn about:
  • The Domain Lifecycle
  • How Domains are Abused
  • How to Find and Remediate Domain Abuse
  • How to Effectively Mitigate Domain Threats
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