On-Demand Webinar: How Mobile Banking Trojans are Advancing

In the recent year Android overtook Windows to claim the largest share of Internet traffic…a telling sign that a major shift has occurred in the way users interact with the outside world.  And naturally, where users go, threat actors will follow. 
We’ve observed a gradual but steady increase in the number of threat actors choosing to focus their efforts on mobile devices. Unfortunately, most organizations simply aren’t taking the increasingly pressing threat to their mobile devices seriously, which poses real problems for their overall security profile. 
In this on-demand webinar we explore how mobile attack vectors threaten your organization and what can you do about it. 

Attend this on-demand webinar to learn:
  • How mobile banking trojans steal millions of dollars from businesses and organizations every year
  • Examples of current banking trojans and how they have evolved
  • What organizations can do to better minimize the risk of these attacks
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