Webinar - Inside the Phish: Consumer-Focused Phishing

How in-depth analysis of phishing attacks reveals the who, what, and how of online scams

In this webinar, we discuss how phishing lures, sites, kits, and drop accounts are analyzed to tell the full story of phishing campaigns and establish high-quality contextual intelligence that can be used to proactively disrupt these threats. Senior Security Threat Researcher Crane Hassold will illustrate the full analysis process from phishing site to threat actor attribution using a real-world phishing campaign.

Attend this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • The full lifecycle of a phishing attack from email lure to data collection
  • How each element of the phishing lifecycle can be analyzed for useful threat intelligence
  • What phishing emails, sites, kits, and drop accounts can tell us about phishing campaigns
  • How to develop the threat intelligence needed to proactively fight back against phishing threats

About the speaker:

1-Crane_1.jpgCrane Hassold is a Senior Security Threat Researcher on our R.A.I.D. (Research, Analysis, and Intelligence Division) and a former FBI Cyber Behavioral Analyst. His work is paving the way in proactive phishing detection, mitigation, and takedown through threat actor profiling.
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