2015 Account Takeover Benchmark Study Results

It's been four years now since the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council issued its updated authentication guidance, focused primarily on helping banking institutions defend against account takeover schemes. Have institutions deployed the FFIEC's recommended security controls, and are they doing a better job today of detecting and stopping attacks, as well as reducing account takeover losses?

These are among the questions answered in the 2015 Account Takeover Benchmark Study. Download the results  to learn:

  • What are today's most prevalent account takeover fraud schemes?
  • How successful are institutions at stopping the attacks and reducing fraud losses?
  • What security investments are organizations making in 2015 in anticipation of account takeover trends in 2016?



In 2011, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) issued a supplement to the Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment guidance, issued in October 20015. The purpose of the supplement is to reinforce the risk-management framework described in the original guidance and update the FFIEC member agencies' supervisory expectations regarding customer authentication, layered security, and other controls in the increasingly hostile online environment.

However, still in question is whether those recommendations are being followed in the average financial institution. To those that haven't, why not? To those that have, are they helping to better detect and curtail attacks? How are the institutions losses impacted - have they decreased?

In a study of over 100 decision-makers and financial industry leaders, we have asked the questions on everyone's minds and documented the results. Find out how your institution compares to industry trends and see what is viewed as the top account takeover fraud schemes for 2015. Find out where the investments are being made and what does that say about account takeover trends in 2016?