Applying Organization Development to Security Awareness Programs

The security awareness training market is rapidly growing in the security and risk management world. According to Gartner, spending on training related services has increased by about 40% in the last year, which totals to around $490 million annually.

Regardless of the growth and advancements in technology and education materials, the market still lacks the fundamental understanding that a successful security awareness training program is dependent upon strong organization development (OD) efforts. Organization Development (OD) is a systematic approach to improving the effectiveness of an organization by aligning strategy, individuals, and processes. 

This white paper is designed to help security and organizational executives understand the importance of developing a security awareness training program that results in security vigilance. By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll understand:

  • The role organization development plays in security awareness
  • The importance of offering training across multiple mediums
  • How to build a relevant business strategy for success
  • Why training requires top-down support

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