Using Intelligence to Fight Back Against Phishing

Explore our new T2 Threat Intelligence service and the power of intelligence to prevent, detect, and respond to active spear phishing campaigns.

Spear phishing attacks are notoriously difficult to stop. Security technologies often allow these attacks to pass through to user inboxes -- where a single click can lead to a data breach. But, what if you could use intelligence from phishing attacks targeting other organizations to proactively protect yours?

Join PhishLabs VP of Threat Research, Joseph Opacki, as he shares insights and perspectives on phishing intelligence and how it can be applied to reduce the risk posed by targeted attacks. 

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • Sourcing meaningful threat intelligence
  • Applying threat intelligence to prevent, detect, and respond
  • The role of threat intelligence in a robust phishing protection strategy
  • T2 Threat Intelligence - a new service from PhishLabs

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