Webinar: 2017 Phishing Trends & Intelligence Report

The Phishing Transformation

The PhishLabs 2017 Phishing Trends and Intelligence Report reveals a profound shift in the overall cyber threat landscape. During this on-demand webinar, Senior Security Threat Researcher, Crane Hassold, goes into more detail about how widespread login practices have left most industries and consumers vulnerable to phishing attacks, causing a fundamental shift in modern cybercrime. He explains why this shift is driving a massive increase in phishing attacks targeting specific industries and the ripple effect on new targets. A second webinar session will be hosted to cover the "Ransomware Explosion" on March  23rd at 11AM (EDT), register here: https://info.phishlabs.com/phishing-trends-and-intelligence-pti-report-ransomware-webinar-0 

Attend this on-demand webinar about the 2017 Phishing Trends & Intelligence Report to hear about the PTI Reprot key findings which include:

  • The year-over-year comparison of identified phishing sites residing on unique domains
  • Phishing volume growth changes and targeted industries
  • Attacks targeting government tax authorities and specific threat trends
  • Global variance of phishing targets by country

About the Speaker:

1-Crane_1.jpgCrane Hassold is a Senior Security Threat Researcher on our R.A.I.D. (Research, Analysis, and Intelligence Division) and a former FBI Cyber Behavioral Analyst. His work is paving the way in proactive phishing detection, mitigation, and takedown through threat actor profiling.
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Order your copy of the 2017 Phishing Trends & Intelligence Report here: https://info.phishlabs.com/2017-phishing-trends-and-intelligence-report-pti