[On-Demand Webinar] A Progressive Approach to Training Employees: Microlearning for Macro Results

Everyone is subjected to phishing attacks, whether it be broad sweeping and in your personal inbox and on social media, or as advanced as highly targeted organizational threats. Regardless of the means and methods, security awareness training is one of the most effective approaches to fighting back against these threats; however, that requires the training method to function as intended.

For many organizations they acquire a SaaS tool, have a library of content and videos to choose from, and from there offer one or two annual training programs for their employees. Unfortunately adults don’t learn this way, and after a single day 60 percent of what they learned will have been forgotten. After a single month, they will only retain 20 percent of that training. So how does an organization combat both the dwindling attention span and inability to retain information?

Join this on-demand webinar with PhishLabs' senior instructional design specialist to learn about a more progressive approach to effectively training employees in order to see an increase in reported suspicious emails and a reduction in security risk.

Presenter details:
Kimber Bougan, Senior Instructional Design Specialist, PhishLabs

Join this on-demand webinar to learn more about: 

  • Why traditional training programs lead to wasted organizational time/budget

  • The benefit microlearning plays in retention and action

  • How this modern educational model reduces security risks

  • How to implement a more effective training model 

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