White Paper: Qadars Banking Trojan

Qadars is a modular banking trojan that is configured to attack the customers of select financial institutions, POS systems, and even popular online games. Qadars related attacks are designed to steal the victim’s credentials during session authentication, thereby giving the trojan’s threat actors the ability to take over a victim’s account.

Download this technical white paper to learn how the sophisticated Qadars Banking Trojan is used for crimeware-related activities such as financial fraud and credential theft. It implements multiple layers of anti-analysis mechanisms used to thwart reverse engineering attempts. Since 2013, the Qadars Banking Trojan has been globally targeting well-known financial institutions.

Download this whitepaper to learn:
  • How this is and will impact banks and financial institutions 
  • A detailed analysis of the banking trojan
  • The technical obfuscation techniques in play
  • Various social engineering techniques employeed
  • How this malware attempts to evade removal

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