Scammers up Their Game with New BEC Attacks

In the last year, BEC tactics have evolved as scammers experiment and benchmark their successes, resulting in better targeting, more convincing scams, and greater losses.

BEC is an acronym for "business email compromise." BEC refers to social engineering attacks used to convince those in charge of finances at an organization to send large payments to the scammers. These attacks are carried out over email conversations initiated by the scammer who spoofs the identity of an executive at the organization. 

Join PhishLabs' Director of Threat Intelligence, Don Jackson,  to learn about recently observed attacks, specific characteristics of those attacks and best practices to help mitigate and eradicate the threat.

Attend this webinar to learn about:

  • Specific examples of recent BEC attacks and changes over the last year
  • What you can do to prevent these attacks from reaching employees
  • Fighting back and reducing the chances of being targeted

Thursday, November 19, 2015
11:00 AM- 12:00 PM EST

About the Speaker:

Don Jackson is an established subject matter expert (SME) on cyber security and intelligence with extensive experience researching and protecting financial institutions against advanced cybercrime malware. As the discoverer of the Gozi Trojan and one of the foremost authorities on modern crimeware such as ZeuS and Citadel, Don has been featured for his expertise in major media outlets including CNBC, USA Today, 60 Minutes, The Register and The Guardian. His specialties include threat research, intelligence analysis, investigations, digital forensics, reverse engineering, and malware analysis.