Webinar: Strategic Framework for Spear Phishing Defense

One out of every five users will click on a malicious attachment or URL in a targeted attack.  

Spear phishing is the most used and most successful tactic employed by advanced threat actors to compromise targeted organizations. Security leaders have diverse options to reduce this risk, ranging from technical security controls to security awareness efforts. Download this webinar to learn what really works and walk away with a strategic framework for managing a comprehensive and effective spear phishing protection program.

Download  this webinar to learn:

  • How cybercriminals are using targeted attacks to penetrate defenses.
  • The path of a spear phish and how cybercriminals circumvent controls. 
  • How to use a strategic framework to identify and fill gaps in your security program.

About the Speakers:

Joe_Opacki.jpgJoseph Opacki serves as the Vice President of Threat Research at PhishLabs. Prior to joining PhishLabs, he was the Senior Director of Global Research at iSIGHT Partners. He was also the malware reverse engineering Subject Matter Expert (SME) and the Technical Director of advanced digital forensics in the Operational Technology Division at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In 2011, Mr. Opacki was awarded the FBI Director's Award of Excellence for Outstanding Technical Advancement for his work in the area of enterprise level malware triage and investigation. 

stacy-shelley-largeImage-6-a-1335.jpgAs a Vice President at PhishLabs, Stacy Shelley is responsible for understanding prevailing and emerging security trends and their impact on information security leaders. Mr. Shelley has more than eight years of experience in the information security industry with tenure at leading security service providers, SecureWorks and LURHQ. Mr. Shelley has frequently spoken on a range of topics spanning network security, web application security, regulatory compliance, and threat intelligence.