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Webinar: The Rise of Spear Phishing & How to Avoid Being the Next Headline

There it is in black and cringe as you read it (or hear it), the specific name of the individual who was the most recent spear phishing attack victim. Just above it, in enlarged font is the headline announcing the organization that has suffered a data breach. It's cringeworthy for everyone - the CEO, the chairman of the board, the marketing executive, and heaven forbid,  the individual who actually clicked, opened, or downloaded something malicious that led to a full-blown breach and leak of information. 

In light of the recent headlines announcing spear phishing attacks slipping past the most suspicious of users, how should you proceed in 2017? What's your plan? Investment in the same tools won't cut it. Once-a-year online quizzes and tutorials just aren't getting the job done. 

Watch this on-demand webinar to understand the attack methods deployed during spear phishing attacks and how you can construct a solid defense that uses your most vulnerable/valuable assets - your employees. 

Security professionals should watch this webinar to learn : 

  • Why phishing should be at the top of your priority list
  • The risks associated with phishing attacks
  • Specific threat vectors targeting companies today
  • The necessary and effective defenses against phishing 

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About the Presenters

1-Crane_1.jpgCrane Hassold is a Senior Security Threat Researcher on our R.A.I.D. (Research, Analysis, and Intelligence Division) and a former FBI Cyber Behavioral Analyst. His work is paving the way in proactive phishing detection, mitigation, and takedown through threat actor profiling.


Dane B&W.png Dane Boyd is the Lead Solution Manager for our Employee Defense Training practice and has helped dozens of enterprises transform their employees into a powerful layer of threat prevention and detection.

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