Digital Risk Protection:

Evolving Your Cyber Threat Intel Program Into Action

Now Available On-demand

Digital Risk Protection is an emerging technology that is on the rise in Gartner’s latest Hype Cycle for Security Operations. In this H-ISAC Navigator Program Webinar, PhishLabs’ Founder and CTO, John LaCour, will break down Digital Risk Protection, explain how it works, and share recent use cases. You will learn how the Healthcare industry is using Digital Risk Protection to proactively detect and mitigate brand abuse, data leaks, and social media threats, across digital channels. 

Attend the webinar to: 

  • Address topics and concerns to consider when building a DRP program 
  • Gain valuable insight into how DRP works across multiple digital channels 
  • Learn best practices Healthcare security teams should leverage to proactively detect and mitigate multiple digital threats 

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