How Look-alike Domains Drive BEC, Brand Abuse, and More

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Domains are often the first source of interaction with customers. However, anyone can register a look-alike domain, create a fraudulent website, and start impersonating a trusted company - quickly diminishing brand credibility.

In this webinar, PhishLabs’ Founder and CTO, John LaCour, will cover why cyber criminals register hundreds of thousands of look-alike domains every year and how they use them to carry out a wide range of attacks.

We'll walk through the most common types of domain threats, including Business Email Compromise (BEC) and brand abuse, and we'll give actionable strategies for addressing them.

You'll learn:  

  • Why look-alike domains are the attack method of choice by many threat actors 
  • How scammers construct BEC and brand-related attacks, often using the same domain 
  • The challenges of gathering domain intelligence and how overcome them 
  • Strategies for getting a malicious domain taken offline

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