Webinar: Turn Your Employees into Security MVPs

Spear phishing attacks have proven to be incredibly effective for cybercriminals. Sadly, data suggests that one in five employees will click on a malicious link and the time to detect a breach is a staggering 205 days. Threat actors know where your weakest link resides and they are aggressively exploiting it. 

Organizations need a better way to fight back against targeted attacks and prevent data breaches. In this webinar, PhishLabs experts discuss a new comprehensive solution that goes beyond security tools and standard computer-based security awareness training to help transform your employees into a strong front line defense.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Condition employees to recognize and report phishing threats, turning them into a powerful security asset.
  • Analyze and disrupt spear phishing attacks before systems and data are compromised.
  • Improve security controls and analytics platforms with intelligence from real-world spear phishing attacks.

What others are saying about the service...

“What PhishLabs is doing to solve the phishing problem – combining awareness training, 24/7 threat analysis, and threat intelligence – is brilliant and can serve as a powerful security asset,” 
- Richard Stiennon, Chief Industry Analyst at IT-Harvest.

About the Speaker:


As a Vice President at PhishLabs, Stacy Shelley is responsible for understanding prevailing and emerging security trends and their impact on information security leaders. Mr. Shelley has more than 8 years of experience in the information security industry with tenure at leading security service providers, SecureWorks and LURHQ. Mr. Shelley has frequently spoken on a range of topics spanning network security, web application security, regulatory compliance, and threat intelligence.