Webinar: Why People Are Your Network's Greatest Vulnerability

When it comes to exploiting people, spear phishing is the most prized weapon in the threat actor’s armory. It is by far the most sophisticated form of social engineering currently in existence, and can be difficult even for security personnel to spot.

Developing a training program that successfully prepares users to cope with sophisticated spear phishing attempts will significantly lower your organization’s risk profile.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How and why your employees will be exposed to social engineering attacks. 
  • The reasons your users don’t recognize phishing emails.
  • The anatomy of a spear phishing email.
  • The most common types of spear phishing emails, how and why they’re effective, and the corresponding levels of success of each type.
  • How you can transform your employees from liabilities into security assets with effective security awareness training.

Presenter Details:
Dane Boyd, Lead Solution Manager, PhishLabs

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